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Five Superiorities

R & D capability

Generate technological solutions (design & test) with strong R&D capability

No defects system

Assure no defect with improved quality control & inspection systems and sophisticated facilities.

High customer satisfaction

Apply ERP system and lean production to achieve pre-scheduling, in-process control and resource-benefit optimization, effectively manage plans and logistics improve customer satisfaction.

Patents and certificates

A national hi-tech enterprise of 22-year industrial and technological accumulation, with 72 patents and professional certificates awarded.

Abundant human resources

Keep on brining in technological and management talents overseas and innovation to assure our leading edge


22years experience in the industry,72national patents,supplier of technological solutions & High-end products
  • Cooperation with SMDT

    Cooperation with SMDT

    SMDT is the subsidiary of Siemens group in Tianjin, which is one of top manufacturer of machine equipment SMDT&...

  • Cooperation with Panasonic

    Cooperation with Panasonic

    REACH and Panasonic started cooperation on timing pulley for pick & place machine in 2006 The Company’s pr...

  • Cooperation with China General Nuclear Power Corporation (CGN)

    Cooperation with China General Nuclear Power Corporation (CGN)

    In 2009, REACH started cooperation with China General Nuclear Power Corporation (CGN), who focuses on technology a...

  • Cooperation with Boeing (Aircraft)

    Cooperation with Boeing (Aircraft)

    After 2006, when REACH officially distributed its electromagnetic brakes in China, the Company had a chance to co...

  • Cooperation with ABB

    Cooperation with ABB

    In 2007, four years after REACH’s R&D of brake, the Company stepped into domestic braking motor industry, w...

  • Cooperation with Goldwind Science & Technology Co., Ltd

    Cooperation with Goldwind Science & Technology Co., Ltd

    In June 2008, REACH and its pitch driving wheel for 1 5MW unit got official onsite approval from Goldwind Scienc...

  • 01

    REACH’s safe electromagnetic brake (designed for cranes) was approved by UL, CE and ROHS certification, as well as special equipment type test at national level. The Company established standards for brake manufacturers to comply with.

  • 02

    REACH is one of few domestic enterprises that have ability to produce quality metal part and elastomer. So far the Company has imported special polyurethane material from Germany for independent mould making and injection, and produced elastomer for jaw couplings, replacing the foreign makes for compressors and NC machine to a large extent.

  • 03

    Production of fuel transport & storage system for mega kilowatt PWR nuclear power plant has been 100% localized by REACH. Since the establishment of long-term strategic partnership with China General Nuclear Power Corporation (CGN), REACH has delivered full sets of refueling machine, transmission system and irradiated fuel cranes.

  • 04

    REACH and CGN jointly developed rotary robot bolt stretcher and the test bench. The equipment is designed to rotate 58 main bolts into and out of pressure vessels. Now the equipment is available to the market players.

  • 05

    REACH’s self-developed safe electromagnetic brakes (for elevators) passed special equipment type test at NETEC. With the patent low-noise technology, the product is particularly preferred by China-made elevator tractors.

  • 06

    So far REACH has established long-term strategic partnership with CGN. Both principle and engineering prototypes of rod detector for control rod driving mechanism of mega kilowatt PWR nuclear plant are ready to be delivered Yangjiang nuclear power station.

  • 07

    REACH’s electromagnetic brakes for servo motors of NC machine are the first domestic brand to replace the import and compete with global brands for high-end market.

  • 08

    Since 2008 when REACH started cooperating with Goldwind Science & Technology Co., Ltd, its pitch driving mechanisms has taken up 60% of the partner’s outsourcing. Now REACH is in deep cooperation with the partner to develop pitch mechanism of planetary roller push rod (direct driving model) for 3~6 megawatt blowers. The Company is expected to be the first domestic supplier of the product if succeed.

  • 09

    After 3 years of test and verification, REACH’s electromagnetic brake was finally approved by the strict type test held at the lab of Boeing Aircraft based in Czech, and the Company started supplying the motor brake to Boeing for chairs of first-class cabin of 787 airliners in year 2007.

  • 10

    REACH worked with Languang OTIS, a world-renowned elevator enterprise, to develop a new generation of electromagnetic brake for gearless permanent magnetic tractor, which greatly reduced the manufacturing cost and so far has been selling well in China.

Technical solutions and product providers

0086-15388172301 Consult
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Technical solutions and product providers

0086-15388172301 Consult