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REACH Management

REACH has been exploring the way of survival and development of the enterprise, creating value for customers and the supply chain by establishing a management system suitable for itself and driven by technology. The company has passed ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and IATF16949 management system certifications. The independently developed ERP management system efficiently manages data related to company production, technology, quality, finance, human resources, etc., and provides the digital basis for various management and decision-making within the company.

R&D Advantages

With more than a hundred R&D engineers and testing engineers, REACH Machinery is responsible for the development of future products and the iteration of current products. With a full set of equipment for testing product performance, all sizes and performance indicators of the products can be tested, tried and verified. In addition, Reach’s professional R&D and technical service teams have provided customers with customized product design and technical support to meet the special requirements of customers in different applications.


Type Test

Quality Control

Quality Control

From raw materials, heat treatment, surface treatment, and precision machining to product assembly, we have the testing instruments and equipment to test and verify the conformity of our products to ensure that they meet design and customer requirements. Quality control runs throughout the whole manufacturing process. At the same time, we are constantly reviewing and improving our processes and controls to ensure that our products meet or exceed customer expectations.

Production Capability


In order to ensure the delivery, quality and cost, REACH has insisted on equipment investment over the years, forming a strong delivery capability.
1, REACH has more than 600 machine processing equipment, 63 robot production lines, 19 automatic assembly lines, 2 surface treatment lines, etc., to achieve the independent production of core product components.
2, REACH collaborates with more than 50 strategic suppliers to form a safe three-dimensional supply chain system.


Production Capacity

Reach Advantages

Five Core Competitiveness


Indepe ndent-d eveloped core friction materials accurately meet the performance requirements of the brakes.


Automatic production and online inspection processes to guarantee the stable quality.


Strict type-examination and design verification to guarantee product stability.

Quality Control

Standardized operations, with over 100 quality-control points and 14 automatic inspections to guarantee the stable quality.


10,000,000 times static lifetime test and 1 ,000 times emergency stop test to guarantee the stable performance.

Eight Technical Highlights

Electromagnetic solution design technology

Independ ent- developed friction plate formula and precision production technology

Performance testing technology

Experienced management for in-depth understanding of market and customer needs

Precision machining technology

Professional management and service to guarantee customer stable operations

Information management technology

Market analysis, trend insight and judgment technology